Everyday Watch Style with Jord


Sawyer Watch

My husband loves watches but very particular about the fit and finish. I don’t know about your hubby/significant other but shopping is not his thing-at all-haha! He’s probably scarred because his Mother took him to the malls all summer growing up. Hiking or hanging out with the kids at the pool is where he would rather spend his time vs shopping at a store. So we make a great team and he relies on me to help him select clothing, shoes, and watches that fit his lifestyle.

He loves eco-friendly and sustainable things as well as comfort and uniqueness. So when when we found out about Jord watches, he was super excited and selected this Sawyer Watch. The watch came so fast -a few days to be exact- in this amazing wooden box and we were both blown away by the high quality, nice heavy weight, and the ability to wind it up instead of battery operated. The wooden band is so unique, easily adjusted at any jewelry store, and comes with a finishing oil to moisturize the band as needed over time. Set up was a breeze with instructions and he was ready to go!



The interior components are Citizen made in Japan and it’s pretty cool to flip the watch over and see internal workings on the back. The band is 100% natural wood crafted and made in the US. It keeps accurate time and super easy to see. The watch is water resistant but not waterproof so be sure to not submerge it while at the pool!

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