Style with a Budget-August

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Hello everyone! This post is super late compared to normal as it’s been a little busy but better late than never :)  I had been stalking the leather silver mules and finally pulled the trigger when they went on super clearance-only $15. Brouhaha!! I have been on the hunt for investment skinny jeans that fit super well. Honestly I was beginning to think ones didn’t exist until I popped into Madewell. The SA there was super sweet and I literally tried on 12 pairs of jeans. Normally I “think” I wear size 29, but then the SA told me let’s try 28. I was getting worried that this would not be good. LOL. Then she said let’s try 27- I about died in the fitting room as there was NO WAY I could wear at 27.  Oh dear, let’s give it a shot….sure enough the clouds parted and the heavens shined down upon me in the Madewell fitting room!! Hallelujah!


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Style with a Budget-March

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After looking at this post, I think I may have a shoe problem (#shoeaddict) ;0) I did buy a few bras too but didn’t think it would be exciting to show! Haha! Anyway, as you can see I bought a bunch of designer shoe dupes this month! I am a big fan of real leather shoes vs faux leather so I try to purchase higher quality real leather dupes if possible!


Blush Bag| White Block Heels (similar)

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