Style with a Budget-August

Style updated

One: Nude Strappy Heels (similar) (similar)

Two: Mock Neck Cream Sleeveless (similar)

Three: Mock Neck Navy Sleeveless (similar)

Four: Gel Eyeliner

Five: Baseball Style T (similar)

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic month and I wanted to post other posts but didn’t get the time! I’m headed out to Vegas with my girlfriends next weekend and wanted to find some fun tops to go with my orange lace skirt. Gotta love TJ Maxx! I hadn’t been there to get clothes in forever and recently discovered my inner TJ Maxxtinista!



Are they just gorgeous?

  1. I am hesitate about wearing heels due to the comfort level them but love the look. I have always admired this style which has a skinny strap at the toe and makes the legs longer and leaner but cannot wear 4″ heels, and the price is pretty high. I found these heels at DSW and wore them to a presentation and yay! LOVE and comfortable because my toes don’t get smushed into the front because they are sandals. I may go back for the black!
  2. Wanted to get some something fun for Vegas to wear with my orange lace pencil skirt and found this pretty top!
  3. Ditto with a nice navy sleeveless top that could dress up any outfit!
  4. HANDS DOWN the best eyeliner out there! At least from what I’ve tried. If I don’t wear any makeup, this is the item I must have! Goes on smooth and lasts ALL day without streaking. You have to try it!
  5. My friend was having a fundraiser with LuluRoe and I bought this Randy T. Honestly I just bought it to help out the charity-my friend’s Hope from Harrison but it is so soft and comfortable I may need to buy other shirts and dresses. If I ever find the elusive white t that is not see thru, I bet I’ll find it here. Check them out here!

Budget Summary

Previous YTD spent: $851

This month: $117 spent

Total Budget: $2400

Left for the year: $1432

Looks like I have lots of budget leftover for the year but really I bought a few-ahem (alot) of luxury items in Paris. I’ll post those in another posting!

How’d you do this month?

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Style with a Budget-June

Style updated

One: Orange Lace Pencil Skirt

Two: Black Gingham D’Orsay Flats

Three: Blue and Pink Cotton T’s

Four: Striped Cotton T

Five: 1″ Compact Flat Iron

Six: Black Eyeliner



Bonjour! This is super late in the month for June as DH and I went to Paris for our 10 year anniversary and got back a week ago! It was so amazing and dream come true and I’ll post pics later but here is what I bought for June!

  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a dressy skirt and loving the lace trend but haven’t quite found the right piece for me until I saw this gorgeous skirt with elastic waist (hello, yes please!) Comes in white too.
  2. These flats are just super adorable HOWEVER I bought on final sale and still breaking them in. I know they can work in my wardrobe but kind of bummed that it’s taken so long and got blister city with the first wear. Any tips to break them in as they are fabric would be excellent.
  3. Looks like the pink is sold out but I’ve been wanting to get more nice quality cotton tees and love this style as they are thick, not really see thru, and have a longer body length.
  4. So I also bought it in stripe. $9 on super SALE!
  5. I have an old flat iron and with traveling to Europe, I noticed that I needed one that takes 220 volt and found a compact 1″ at TJMaxx for only $17. I can’t find the model I got online but this is very similar but a little more in price!!
  6. LOVE this eyeliner. I walked into Sephora to buy the Urban Decay one based on good reviews and the sales lady told me this Marc Jacobs is the BEST one and she is totally right! No streaking, goes on smooth and stays on ALL day. Wow, I need to get another color!


I also picked up this gorgeous black lace dress with nude lining for our dinner cruise on the Seine at TJMaxx too for $20 (wow) and Calvin Klein racerback bra.  Here is a similar dress or love this one too.

jcrew blush wedge

Also got these blush wedge sandals  which are incredible! Very comfortable while elevating my style. I am kicking myself as they have been reduced so much since I bought them that I picked up another pair in black in July for only $28!

Budget Summary

YTD spent: $674

This month: $290 spent

Total Budget: $2400

Returned: $213 earrings last month

Left for the year: $751

How’d you do this month?

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Style with a Budget-May

Style updated

One: Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings , (similar), (similar)

Two: Chambray Scarf

Three: Gingham Purple Washed Shirt

Four: Hot Coral Flip Flops

Five: White Thong Sandals

Six: Cream Foundation

Hello everyone!! This month I didn’t do too much shopping (although the earrings put me back a bit-heehee). Probably because I am preparing to go on a shopping spree at the end of next month when I am in Paris for my 10 year anniversary trip with my hubby-I am soooo excited! I’ve been once in college and I am not the sappy, romantic type but OMG Paris IS the most romantic place on earth!!!

  1. Earrings: For Mother’s Day, I decide to get myself a little gift ;) of these aquamarine and diamond halo earrings as I love stud earrings and lost a diamond earring from a set. I made the other into a pendant and thought these would be a perfect replacement pair! They are super cute with lots of sparkle and only $199 for 14K white gold and real pretty diamonds-yes please!!
  2. Scarf: I’ve been swooning over this LV Shawl and really I can’t justify spending the money for it as I read reviews that it snags easily. A girl can dream!  So I found something similar at the Gap and it’s super cute. I get tons of compliments from strangers all of the time!
  3. Gingham Shirt:I have several washed shirts from J. Crew and love the fit. When I saw this on super sale and free shipping-add to cart, checkout, done! You know you are a J.Crew addict when you have your cc number on file AND know the security code by heart :) I wear a 6 or 8P in J.Crew shirts BTW for size reference.
  4. Flip Flops:I bought 2 pairs of these last summer and when I saw them again, I “needed” the hot coral (is that even a color?) ones too! Super comfortable and they are B1G1 50% so I bought…
  5. White Sandals: these are cute too with the Birkin-style footbed without being clunky. Both were $25 total!!
  6. Foundation: I have super dry skin and not really a fan of liquid foundations and I ran across this one called e.l.f  Mattifying Cream (only $6) in a compact. I spread it with a foundation brush followed by a powder puff brush. This is exactly what I needed and it dries matte and no breakouts! Where have you been all of my life? Because I get really tan in the summer, I ordered the Caramel color (darker) to try on. I usually wear Buff but feel like I am looking ghostly these days. LOL.



Wearing: Jcrew Striped Shirt-old (similar), chambray scarf, chambray skirt (returned as I didn’t love it), Jcrew crossover flats-old (similar)


I also bought this custom Samorga from Korea for my LV SpeedyB Bag. It’s an organizer for your bag to keep things tidy in your purse and helps to keep the bag shaped.  I carry a wallet, pouch for chapsticks/lipstick, cell phone, keys, and wallet. Total was $50 including overseas shipping. Here is the website in case you are interested: It takes a good 3-4 weeks to get here so be patient as these are custom made! This color is like a robin’s egg blue. Love it!!

Budget Summary

YTD spent: $674

This month: $315 spent

Total Budget: $2400

Left for the year: $989

How’d you do this month?

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