Style with a Budget-April

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Hello lovelies!! Last month obviously was a shoe festival, so of course I had to get back on the clothes train! As a lover of classic styles, I picked up a few items with a twist! Literally (insert laugh emoji)!!  I wanted a few breathable items for spring and summer and couldn’t resist a great sale on the tweed jacket. If you like blazers but feel weird in them as being too formal, lady jackets are your friends!!!

Image 7

Gingham Shirt | Destroyed Jeans | Speedy B 25 (preloved)

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Style with a Budget-March

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 4 |  5 (similar) | 6 (similar$$$)

After looking at this post, I think I may have a shoe problem (#shoeaddict) ;0) I did buy a few bras too but didn’t think it would be exciting to show! Haha! Anyway, as you can see I bought a bunch of designer shoe dupes this month! I am a big fan of real leather shoes vs faux leather so I try to purchase higher quality real leather dupes if possible!


Blush Bag| White Block Heels (similar)

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How to Buy a Luxury Bag


It has been awhile since my first post on How to Afford a Louis Vuitton Bag and it was so popular that I decided to followup and update the post as my collection has definitely grown from my single and original 1994 Alma Bag I bought from Ebay for only $200.  I have certainly been bit by the luxury goods market and absolutely adore all of my purchases over the last few years! But, these babies costs ALOT of money and are no joke people! So, if you are considering a bag vs other necessary, definitely read my first post!  If you feel that you want to splurge on something you adore, value, and will last and become an heirloom piece that you can pass on to your daughter, then read on!



Vintage LV Alma PM Monogram

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Valentine’s Day


Fragrance | Chanel Wallet | Tiffany Pendant

Earrings| Watch

It’s coming up on that special day in February and for me, I love Valentine’s Day as it is a reminder to love your family, your friends, your significant other, and yourself! We hustle every day to get work accomplished, kids are taken care of, dinner is served (or determined :) every night, household is in order, figure out time to exercise, and sometimes it is just darn exhausting and forget to really take care of ourselves and our relationship with our significant other!

When you are married or in a dedicated relationship, you sometimes take it for granted and don’t connect regularly with the hustle and bustle of life. This relationship is the root of YOUR family unit  and should be the MOST important thing in life because really at the end of the day, your unity is what really matters and is the foundation of support that everyone needs and makes life grand!


Bow Flats |Pointed Flats | MB Python Heels| MB Lace Heels

My husband and I decide to plan a date night regularly (lately it’s been monthly) as we need to reconnect and love spending time together and either get together with another couple for date night or we plan a date night with just the 2 of us! We love our kids immensely, but yes I will admit that it’s nice to just to relax sometimes without jumping up constantly !  And sometimes we just giggle and want to stay at home to veg out and cook a nice “adult” meal and sit by the fire to cuddle and catch up on TV shows.


Pink Blouse (similar) |LV Speedy B 25 | Black Leggings


February is special so for a special occasion, we like to elevate our date to make it really special, exciting and FUN!

  1. Book a nice restaurant intown. We live in the suburbs and my hubby tends to want to go “around” the corner for convenience. But for special dates, we plan something in Buckhead or Midtown which is 30 minutes away so it truly is an event. Our fave that we recently dined for hubby’s birthday is Fogo de Chao a Brazilian steakhouse with the best salad bar on the planet!
  2. Dress up. We both work from home and I will admit that leggings and a sweatshirt and casualwear is the norm except we we both go to meetings a few times every week. I love getting dressed up so putting on heels and layering the jewelry, pulling out the fancy wallets, and dotting on some perfume is so much fun and gets me excited for the night! I make hubby put on his nice pants and dress shirt and let me tell you he is one fine looking man dressed up!
  3. Book a fun car with Turo. Have you heard of Turo? It’s like Uber for rental cars! We both have normal cars: truck and sedan so when we  head “intown” and have to valet the car, it’s fun to roll up in some fancy wheels! My friends with mini vans KNOW that feeling-ha!  So we head over to Turo and select an exciting car like a Porsche Panamera or Range Rover! These cars are owned by individuals like Uber and you can just rent for the day! Isn’t that cool! And they bring the car to YOU! Now that is seriously awesome!!
  4. Enjoy your special time.  And order appetizers AND dessert! Yes!!










Remember to celebrate with your spouse, your family, and your friends BUT don’t forget to pamper yourself with a special something (uh, you know I am all about that) this Valentine’s Day!!

The idea of this post was given to me by Turo. All expressed opinions are my own.

Style with a Budget -January


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Five| Six| Seven|Eight

It’s a new year!! My budget will stay the same at $2400 for 2017 and that includes clothes, makeup, undergarments, and shoes. I have come to realize that I love handbags in a MAJOR way so I have a created a 2 luxury handbags, 2 accessory items (wallets/mini bags) max limit per year to account for my purchases.  I work hard, tend to my family, and meet other financial obligations so splurging on a few handbags is my happy place :) Visit this post on How to Afford a Louis Vuitton Bag and since this post was so popular, I’ll have an updated one in the near future.

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Style with a Budget-October


One: Striped Navy and White L/S 

Two: Navy Slim Fitted Blazer

Three: Gray Slip ons (these are great too!!)

Four: Navy Utility Blouse

Five:Oatmeal Tunic Sweater

Six: Black and White Striped T

Seven: White T

Eight:Black Suede Pointed Flats (similar)

Hello everyone! October has been a fun month especially since it was my birthday month :) I went to New Orleans for a conference and ate beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde and tons of cajun food. If you are in NOLA, Emeril’s restaurants (Emeril’s and Meril) were both amazing! Cooked perfectly! Also I hit up Bourbon street as an “adult” and not college student and totally different experience :) I bought lots of basics this month and it feels so good to mix and match easily!


White T, Nude Heels, Navy Blazer, Striped T, Tory Burch Robinson Bag (similar)

For tips on how I shop J.Crew, see this post!

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Style with a Budget-September


Style with a Budget

One: Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar)

Two: Tweed Jacket, (similar)

Three: Off White LS Drapey T

Four: Suede Navy Blue Heels

Five: Legging Pants

Six: Tweed Flats

Seven:Military Style Field Jacket

Eight:Navy 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

Nine: Nude Patent Pointed Toe Wedge

I should point out that I bought A LOT of things in September!! Holy cow, yes it’s true and I thought I wasn’t getting into fall yet. Funny I literally bought everything last week! I am headed to Boston for a business program-by the time you read this I’ll have been there for 3 days and I have no professional clothes! I think I ditched that look over 11 years ago when I changed jobs so I pretty much had nothing. Sooo, I went on a major haul getting blazers, more leggings pants (my staple fall/winter gear-LOVE these), and I guess I have a thing for shoes!! Haha!


Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar) , Black Leggings, Nude Almond Flats, Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

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Style with a Budget- April

Style updated flat

One: Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Two: Matte Neutral Eyeshadow

Three: Light Denim Leggings

Four: Cropped Pink Leggings

Five: Cropped Light Denim Leggings

Hello everyone! I had a haul of legging pants at Uniqlo this month! I absolutely love their pants rather than jeans! My body type is apple which means that I have great legs but most jeans give me saggy butt and the waist fits funny. So I found this style 2 years ago and never looked back! I live in them and highly recommend them if you have thin legs!

I’ve been looking for a natural matte eyeshadow palette for awhile and saw this at my local Target and thought for $10, I’d give it a try. I am just getting into makeup (which you would think a 40 year would know by now-haha!) and it is totally about trial, error and reviews! I’ll let you know how this goes in later on! I really like the Urban Decay ones that everyone raves about but since I’m just getting into the whole makeup thing, I’d thought I’d try these first. Do you know how hard it is to find matte eyeshadow palettes? Crazy, as I guess the trends lean towards glitter!

Finally, I took the plunge on these Ray Bans in gold with brown lens! Nordstrom’s was having a sale and I loved the pre-loved ones I bought from The Real, Real so figured let’s do it!!


Louis Vuitton Damier Azure SpeedyB25

DA Speedy25


So I am totally nuts, and decided the last bag that I got was too small for my needs. It was super cute and loved the pink lining and crossbody, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to stack my wallet, sunglasses, and pouch perfectly to fit! And for the price of the bag, it better be perfect! So I picked this one instead and Goldilocks has finally found her perfect size! Whew!!


Wearing: Blue striped popover (looks like blue is sold out, yellow is avail), navy leggings, and MK flats (similar)

Budget Summary

YTD last month was $2058 (spent)- ($250-traded in the LV bag)=$1808

This month: $236 spent

I’ve decided that I’m going to pull my splurge purse out of the equation as it’s been on my list for awhile and funded it separately. So revised budget:

Total 2016 Budget is $2400- $674 TD= $1726 left for the year.

DH is taking me to Paris for our 10 year anniversary so I KNOW my budget will be dinged BIG time! So excited and can’t wait!!

Style with a Budget- March

Style Flat Updated


One: J. Crew Factory / Striped  Button up-LOVE

Two: LV / Croisette (similar Michael Kors)

Three: New Balance/ 515 Pique Navy  , Similar, Similar (Hurry as it is almost sold out everywhere!)

Four: Kohl’s / Stripe Coverup

Five: Old Navy/ Floral Dress (size down one size)

Six: Old Navy/ Shift Linen Dress

Seven: J. Crew Factory / Blue Earrings

Can you tell I like blues! Haha! Remember last month when I said I didn’t need to buy any more things in the next few months? Ha! We’ll the warm spring weather strikes and so does my excitement for warmer weather clothing and I couldn’t resist!!

In March (which feels like forever -5 weeks), I ended up buying the LV Favorite MM bag that I’ve been lusting for since October 2015! Well… until I saw this bag the Croisette that was just released. It holds more items and how could I turned down the cute tassel and dreamy strawberry pink lining! Plus it has a top handle and crossbody strap-versatile as an everyday bag. So back to the mall I went as I certainly don’t need 2 white bags!

It was definitely a reward as I’ve been buried in paperwork to get business licenses, marketing together, website up, and get out applications for certifications for my design business! It’s been REALLY hectic but I am almost over the hump and really excited for the future and what may come! My biggest accomplishment over the last 4 months is I applied for the Tory Burch Fellows Foundation Competition and I made the top 30! SOOO excited and need your vote to make it to the top 10 and go to NYC (scroll down below).


I heart this bag!!

LV Croisette

Look at the gorgeous pink lining!

LV Cro Pink


Let me preface this with “what budget”?

Honestly I’m one of the most frugal people you may know. I am the coupon queen and spend countless time using them at the grocery stores, finding travel deals, coupons for airport parking to dinner out, go to consignment sales for some of my kids clothes, etc. I buy things on Ebay because it is cheaper, won’t buy on Amazon because it tends to be more expensive, and buy gas cards at the grocery so I can earn 6% cash back on my AMEX! Yes, I am that person!

I am usually very good at keeping a budget. I grew up in a family with 4 kids and we only received clothes from Goodwill and my Mom would split a piece of Wrigley gum 4 ways to share! And this is not because we were poor. They socked away money like no one’s business one penny at a time. That frugality or should I say value has stayed with me to this day.

But, I’ve been wanting to celebrate my little victories these past few months or really last few years! It’s been a long path and journey throughout my career, married an amazing man, expanded my family with 2 munchkins, moved into a house that we built to raise our kids, and gosh darn it, it’s time to celebrate!


This month I sold 2 handbags: $295 (back to the budget) and returned the flip flops ($12) from last month (I didn’t like the plastic around the toe)

Total budget is $577 (see last month’s post) + $295 +$12- $2058 (spent)= deficit of $1174  (yikes!)

Total 2016 Budget is $2400+ $408 (purse sales/ebates/$45 credit from last year)-$2058 (spent for the year) = $750 leftover

I guess I can’t say I’m a budget blogger anymore! Ha! Oh well!


Finalist Badge for Your Website


I applied for the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Competition which is a woman’s entrepreneur contest (actually found it while browsing the Tory Burch website-LOL) in January and out of 500 applicants, I made the top 30 as a Finalist! OMG! I am over the moon! The next step is get enough votes to move on to the top 10  which includes a 3 day workshop in NYC and $10,000 for business education. The top 10 vie for the 1 spot to win $100,000 for your business! Holy Cow!

Voting ends April 22!

Please vote here for me daily :) and I’ll be forever grateful for your help!

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Style with a Budget-February

Hello everyone!  I didn’t buy very much is February because I purchased quite a few things in January and didn’t need much this month.  Also, I have been obsessing over a new handbag and devised a plan to get it. I really am loving (ahem-obsessing) Louis Vuitton and been researching the brand and the options and came up with a “masterplan” of the types of bags that I want in general. I’ve been on a minimizing kick and cleaned out my closet and in the process of selling bags I no longer use (some are over 15 years old-I know right! Selling the older ones at a consignment sale and the rest down below).


Feb Purchase.jpg1. White button up cover up | 2. Soft Gold Glitter Flip Flops| 3. Zuzu Natural Eyeliner in Obsidian

For our upcoming cruise, I got these bathing suits which are a strapless one piece (first time getting this style) and wanted to get a button up open front cover up. It was super hard to find something that I liked but came across this white one and it was perfect! Eyeing the striped one too! And new glittery flipflops caught my eye as I was walking out of Kohl’s so got them too! It is very hard for me to impulse buy as I have to think it over forever but it was only $10 with 20% off coupon so I can handle it ;)

Lately I have been researching natural makeup as I’ve been on a quest for better food selections for myself and the family and came across the idea of makeup that is safe. Everyone knows that whole grain, no artificial colors, eating fruits and vegetables, and organic when possible is better for you. But makeup that you put on your face and skin (a huge absorbing component of your body) is just as important.  So, I thought I’d try on a natural eyeliner as I was in the market for another brand. I have used Revlon forever just for ease of application.

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