Style with a Budget-May

Style updated


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Hello lovelies!! Is it already almost June? Can’t believe the school year for the kiddos are almost over! My oldest gal will be in 2nd grader and little man will be in Pre-K next year (sniffles as they are growing so fast!) Anyway, May shopping is a little mixed with no theme whatever. I thought I could make it a month without a shoe purchase but you know that never happens :) I had a fun girls trip for a couple days to Panama City Beach and will be packing shortly for a family vacation in Punta Cana! Can’t wait!!!



Retro Blue Hat


Linen White Tie Front Shirt | Denim Fray Shorts (similar)

Coral Flip Flops (only $10 and I buy one every year!! Love them!)

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Style with a Budget-April

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Hello lovelies!! Last month obviously was a shoe festival, so of course I had to get back on the clothes train! As a lover of classic styles, I picked up a few items with a twist! Literally (insert laugh emoji)!!  I wanted a few breathable items for spring and summer and couldn’t resist a great sale on the tweed jacket. If you like blazers but feel weird in them as being too formal, lady jackets are your friends!!!

Image 7

Gingham Shirt | Destroyed Jeans | Speedy B 25 (preloved)

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Style with a Budget-March

Style updated

1 | | 3 (similar)

 4 |  5 (similar) | 6 (similar$$$)

After looking at this post, I think I may have a shoe problem (#shoeaddict) ;0) I did buy a few bras too but didn’t think it would be exciting to show! Haha! Anyway, as you can see I bought a bunch of designer shoe dupes this month! I am a big fan of real leather shoes vs faux leather so I try to purchase higher quality real leather dupes if possible!


Blush Bag| White Block Heels (similar)

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Style with a Budget-December



One |Two | Three |Four |Five

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday! We took the kids on a cruise over Christmas and had a blast spending time together visiting Turks and Caicos, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and San Juan! And of course Santa found us on the ship so the kids were just so ecstatic as they were worried he would go to our house in Georgia :)

Since December is all about giving, I didn’t buy too many things for myself but of course the deep sales lured me in for a few items! Haha! Hubby and I didn’t do presents either since we didn’t to spend it on the vacation but Santa did bring me something small :) See way below.

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Instagram Roundup

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy posting like crazy on my newly opened Instagram account and never what a hashtag really meant until I started using them! But it’s been fun to instantly show pics on a daily basis so I wanted to share them here on the blog!


Love this light chambray on denim look and added in a cozy oatmeal sweater for a 2nd look! Mix and match fashion is what I love! So versatile!



And this military olive green field jacket is so amazing and kind of edgy with the standup collar. I have used this jacket pretty frequently as the color is just so versatile when mixing with any neutral outfit! Olive is the new black! Loving my LV Mono mini Pochette as well! It holds so much for such a small accessory bag and I keep my lipstick, lipgloss, and carmex chapstick for easy reach! I’ve also been known to stuff receipts in there too :)



Hello chilly fall! Pulled out these bad boys and gray suede booties. Did I mention I am obsessed with booties (similar)? They are perfect to wear with skinny jeans!! I am thinking I need a gray matching bag, oui?


I took the kids to a baby shower in Tybee Island (near Savannah, GA) and they had a blast on the beach playing in the sand. If you haven’t noticed that these sneaks are a fav of mine and seriously I thought they were sold out but found them for only $49. Someone grab it please before it sells out!


You know I love a bargan and especially items for free. I signed up with Madewell and I turned out to be my birthday month and they sent me a $25 credit! Woah, that’s alot! So I searched their site and been dying to get a frilly,girly, furry keychain for my purses but haven’t pulled the trigger as they are a little expensive for the nicer quality ones. Well, Madewell to the rescue and got this and some low profile socks!


And I’m actually in Boston for a entrepreneur business program this week and prepped some styles for the week. I am obsessed with navy and black together and combined with neutral colors galore! Blue is a neutral right :)

Outfit 1: Sweater, Vest, Pants, Heels (similar)

Outfit 2: Striped shirt, Navy Blazer, Gray Legging Pants, Navy Suede Heels

Outfit 3: Navy Blouse, Similar Scarf, Denim Legging Plants

Outfit 4: Striped shirt, VestVestVest, White Legging Pants, Suede Beige Flats




And of course due to the frenzy of a crazy week, I forgot my contacts and Apple Watch-sigh! We’ll at least I have my glasses and killer heels to cheer me up! BTW, I think I’ve gotten more comments on how people love these heels! They are slightly taller than 3″ but super comfortable at least for sitting in class all day. Love the Isabelle Heel and they make them in so many colors each season!!

Style with a Budget-October


One: Striped Navy and White L/S 

Two: Navy Slim Fitted Blazer

Three: Gray Slip ons (these are great too!!)

Four: Navy Utility Blouse

Five:Oatmeal Tunic Sweater

Six: Black and White Striped T

Seven: White T

Eight:Black Suede Pointed Flats (similar)

Hello everyone! October has been a fun month especially since it was my birthday month :) I went to New Orleans for a conference and ate beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde and tons of cajun food. If you are in NOLA, Emeril’s restaurants (Emeril’s and Meril) were both amazing! Cooked perfectly! Also I hit up Bourbon street as an “adult” and not college student and totally different experience :) I bought lots of basics this month and it feels so good to mix and match easily!


White T, Nude Heels, Navy Blazer, Striped T, Tory Burch Robinson Bag (similar)

For tips on how I shop J.Crew, see this post!

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Style with a Budget-September


Style with a Budget

One: Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar)

Two: Tweed Jacket, (similar)

Three: Off White LS Drapey T

Four: Suede Navy Blue Heels

Five: Legging Pants

Six: Tweed Flats

Seven:Military Style Field Jacket

Eight:Navy 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

Nine: Nude Patent Pointed Toe Wedge

I should point out that I bought A LOT of things in September!! Holy cow, yes it’s true and I thought I wasn’t getting into fall yet. Funny I literally bought everything last week! I am headed to Boston for a business program-by the time you read this I’ll have been there for 3 days and I have no professional clothes! I think I ditched that look over 11 years ago when I changed jobs so I pretty much had nothing. Sooo, I went on a major haul getting blazers, more leggings pants (my staple fall/winter gear-LOVE these), and I guess I have a thing for shoes!! Haha!


Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar) , Black Leggings, Nude Almond Flats, Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

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Style with a Budget-August

Style updated

One: Nude Strappy Heels (similar) (similar)

Two: Mock Neck Cream Sleeveless (similar)

Three: Mock Neck Navy Sleeveless (similar)

Four: Gel Eyeliner

Five: Baseball Style T (similar)

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic month and I wanted to post other posts but didn’t get the time! I’m headed out to Vegas with my girlfriends next weekend and wanted to find some fun tops to go with my orange lace skirt. Gotta love TJ Maxx! I hadn’t been there to get clothes in forever and recently discovered my inner TJ Maxxtinista!



Are they just gorgeous?

  1. I am hesitate about wearing heels due to the comfort level them but love the look. I have always admired this style which has a skinny strap at the toe and makes the legs longer and leaner but cannot wear 4″ heels, and the price is pretty high. I found these heels at DSW and wore them to a presentation and yay! LOVE and comfortable because my toes don’t get smushed into the front because they are sandals. I may go back for the black!
  2. Wanted to get some something fun for Vegas to wear with my orange lace pencil skirt and found this pretty top!
  3. Ditto with a nice navy sleeveless top that could dress up any outfit!
  4. HANDS DOWN the best eyeliner out there! At least from what I’ve tried. If I don’t wear any makeup, this is the item I must have! Goes on smooth and lasts ALL day without streaking. You have to try it!
  5. My friend was having a fundraiser with LuluRoe and I bought this Randy T. Honestly I just bought it to help out the charity-my friend’s Hope from Harrison but it is so soft and comfortable I may need to buy other shirts and dresses. If I ever find the elusive white t that is not see thru, I bet I’ll find it here. Check them out here!

Budget Summary

Previous YTD spent: $851

This month: $117 spent

Total Budget: $2400

Left for the year: $1432

Looks like I have lots of budget leftover for the year but really I bought a few-ahem (alot) of luxury items in Paris. I’ll post those in another posting!

How’d you do this month?

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom Sale

One: Cutout Suede Boots

Two: Butterfly Sunglasses

Three: Blue Suede Crossbody

Four: Neutral Cardigan

Five: Black Leather Crossbody

Six: Free People Crossover Sweater

Seven: Cowlneck Shift Dress

Eight: Clarisonic Skin Cleaner

The Nordstrom Anniverary sale is open to the public on 7/22 but you can sneak a peek and if you want to buy early, sign up here! Here are my picks!

  1. Love this ankle boot with the cutouts and the nice neutral color. I am obsessed with suede in general and this is perfect for fall.
  2. Been liking Marc Jacobs designs lately and this tortoiseshell color complements my skintone. Since I have a round face, the shape compliments it well.
  3. Did I mention I love suede?  And super happy that it’s become a popular material again. I’ve always loved Rebecca Minkoff and have this crossbody in pink and this cornflower blue is just divine!
  4. Cozy neutral sweater cardigan-yes please!
  5. I am into small crossbody purses and have purged my full sized wallet for a smaller one and minimized to carry keys, lipstick, chapstick, phone, done! This black leather one from my fave Tory Burch looks very upscale with the gold chain.
  6. I am always wanted to try Free People clothing but I am not quite into the boho look but this sweater caught my eye as the front crossover is a little different. Very cute!
  7. I am apple shaped (read middle gut) and always on the lookout for shift style dresses and this is super cute and love the boot for a romantic fall look!
  8. My friend has this cleaner and swears by it and I have been eyeing this cute pink one!

Did you pick up anything from this sale?

Style with a Budget-June

Style updated

One: Orange Lace Pencil Skirt

Two: Black Gingham D’Orsay Flats

Three: Blue and Pink Cotton T’s

Four: Striped Cotton T

Five: 1″ Compact Flat Iron

Six: Black Eyeliner



Bonjour! This is super late in the month for June as DH and I went to Paris for our 10 year anniversary and got back a week ago! It was so amazing and dream come true and I’ll post pics later but here is what I bought for June!

  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a dressy skirt and loving the lace trend but haven’t quite found the right piece for me until I saw this gorgeous skirt with elastic waist (hello, yes please!) Comes in white too.
  2. These flats are just super adorable HOWEVER I bought on final sale and still breaking them in. I know they can work in my wardrobe but kind of bummed that it’s taken so long and got blister city with the first wear. Any tips to break them in as they are fabric would be excellent.
  3. Looks like the pink is sold out but I’ve been wanting to get more nice quality cotton tees and love this style as they are thick, not really see thru, and have a longer body length.
  4. So I also bought it in stripe. $9 on super SALE!
  5. I have an old flat iron and with traveling to Europe, I noticed that I needed one that takes 220 volt and found a compact 1″ at TJMaxx for only $17. I can’t find the model I got online but this is very similar but a little more in price!!
  6. LOVE this eyeliner. I walked into Sephora to buy the Urban Decay one based on good reviews and the sales lady told me this Marc Jacobs is the BEST one and she is totally right! No streaking, goes on smooth and stays on ALL day. Wow, I need to get another color!


I also picked up this gorgeous black lace dress with nude lining for our dinner cruise on the Seine at TJMaxx too for $20 (wow) and Calvin Klein racerback bra.  Here is a similar dress or love this one too.

jcrew blush wedge

Also got these blush wedge sandals  which are incredible! Very comfortable while elevating my style. I am kicking myself as they have been reduced so much since I bought them that I picked up another pair in black in July for only $28!

Budget Summary

YTD spent: $674

This month: $290 spent

Total Budget: $2400

Returned: $213 earrings last month

Left for the year: $751

How’d you do this month?

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