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Hello everyone!! I am excited to say that I am moving my blog to:

I will no longer be updating this site and all the old posts have migrated with me so you can go back to find any great tips!

Thanks so much for all your support and see you there!

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3 Ways to Style Shift Dress


Since you guys loved my 3 ways to Style a Fall Floral Dress post, I decided this cute camouflage shift dress would be fun to style as well!

Fall 2017 is all about camo and this cute little dress is only $14 and cotton. The cold shoulder is a little trendy for this year but what about when cold weather arrives and next year? How do you style this dress and be a classic piece?

Read on!

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3 Ways to Style a Floral Dress for Fall


Perfect Fall Floral Dress

Style One: Dressing up for a Evening


Add some classic heels and black mini bag (preloved, similar) for an elevated, chic look for date night!


Look Two: Casual fall look 


Add some booties and denim jacket for a cute, casual look for apple picking!


Look Three: Athleisure Chic Style 


Throw on an oversized sweatshirt for effortless style and add matching sneaks for a ultra street style look!


Which is your fave style?

I must admit that I am loving all the looks and such a versatile dress! It’s lightweight, yet has a nice heavy rayon drapey feel. Shipping only took less than a week and I ordered a medium although I could have ordered a small. This dress is definitely forgiving and my apple shaped body loves the flowey cut. When trying to stay in a budget, maximizing my wardrobe is a must and this dress is definitely a winner!

I am so ready for some cooler weather and most definitely my fave season!!

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Style with a Budget- September

Style updated

one two three four c/o

five | six c/o| seven | eight c/o | nine c/o

Hello every! Another month, another recap of what I bought. We took the kids on a California trip for their fall break (they get a week off this year from school) which we planned way back in February. I’ve been saving all of my cash back from Amex, BOA Travel Rewards, and this new Chase Rewards card to fund about 80% of the trip. We stayed with my hubby’s cousin and family for several days and hit Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Catalina Island, and the San Diego Zoo. Such a fun and active vacation and the kids had a ball of course!


ten|floral fall dress 


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Recycled Luxury Goods

consignment day

Happy National Consignment Day!

In a world full of fast fashion, I truly believe that higher quality items last longer and forever classic! Clothes, shoes and bags don’t belong in landfills but rather loved and passed on to other generations. Think vintage items!! It is our responsibility to keep our planet green for our children and as they say someone’s discards is another person’s treasure!


Manolo Blahnik Python D’Orsay Heels

You all know I am trying to stay in an annual budget for clothing. And through this journey of cultivating a classic closet, I had discovered that adding high quality luxury shoes and handbags elevate any simple outfit. #casualchic is my motto!  I am all about purchasing pre-loved luxury items to try out styles and brands to keep within my budget.


Louis Vuitton Alma PM


Gucci Mules


Chanel PST

chanel 2

Manolo Blahnik Lace Kitten Heels


Not only have I purchased pre-loved but I have also sold and consigned items that are sitting in my closet gathering dust. I’d rather let someone else enjoy the bag/shoes and use the funds towards something I love!!


Michael Kors Bag


Tory Burch Amanda


Vintage Chanel Mini


If you have any items in your closet gathering dust, give it a new home and recycle it! Your hohums are another person’s excitement and joy! #neverthrowaway and invest in higher quality items that can stand the test of time, passed down to generations, and keep this planet more green!


This post is brought to you by The Real, Real. All opinions are my own.

Style with a Budget-August

Style updated


one | two | three | four

Hello everyone! This post is super late compared to normal as it’s been a little busy but better late than never :)  I had been stalking the leather silver mules and finally pulled the trigger when they went on super clearance-only $15. Brouhaha!! I have been on the hunt for investment skinny jeans that fit super well. Honestly I was beginning to think ones didn’t exist until I popped into Madewell. The SA there was super sweet and I literally tried on 12 pairs of jeans. Normally I “think” I wear size 29, but then the SA told me let’s try 28. I was getting worried that this would not be good. LOL. Then she said let’s try 27- I about died in the fitting room as there was NO WAY I could wear at 27.  Oh dear, let’s give it a shot….sure enough the clouds parted and the heavens shined down upon me in the Madewell fitting room!! Hallelujah!


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5 Easy Ways to Store Your Shoes

shoe party

Clockwise: Gray Suede Boots-old (similar), Captoe Slingbacks, Velvet Bow Mules, Blush Adidas Shoes, Zara Silver Heel Mules-sold out (similar), Manolo Blahnik Black Lace Kitten Heels  (similar)

Official #shoeaddict over here!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who bought ill fitting cheap shoes and still had them from college. She had not purchased new shoes in years because she just thought they were just “shoes”. I mean she had mules from 20 years ago!! Luckily, they are back in style but I assure you she was made fun of thoroughly. This girl decided 3 years ago that she needed to change her ways. No more faux leather, no more cheap shoes that don’t really fit. No more I’ll make this work. No more it’s only $10. She purged all of her shoes that she did not love and fit (and made her feet sweat-haha) and started buying higher quality shoes. She returned the ones that did not fit. She passed over the temptation to buy shoes that were “faux” or on “sale”and saved up to buy real leather and the ones she loved.  And she lived happily ever after with her shoes. The End!

Well, not really. Haha. Now that I’ve acquired a pretty good shoe collection, I am all about organizing them in a way where I can see them all! There is only so much space so my rule: 1 in / 1 out if we are maxing out of space. I’m sharing five ways to store those shoes ( and not JUST in your closet either! ). Let’s go!

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Fall Cravings

Style updated

One | Two | Three| Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight


Summer weather is winding down and I’m feeling a bit of cooler weather here in the deep South (wishful thinking-lol) and it makes me look forward to fall ya’ll!! Fall festivals, leaves changing, warm coffee, and a little brisk in the air! Yess!! There are so many new arrivals in stores that have gotten me excited and currently craving!!

Everyday Watch Style with Jord


Sawyer Watch

My husband loves watches but very particular about the fit and finish. I don’t know about your hubby/significant other but shopping is not his thing-at all-haha! He’s probably scarred because his Mother took him to the malls all summer growing up. Hiking or hanging out with the kids at the pool is where he would rather spend his time vs shopping at a store. So we make a great team and he relies on me to help him select clothing, shoes, and watches that fit his lifestyle.

He loves eco-friendly and sustainable things as well as comfort and uniqueness. So when when we found out about Jord watches, he was super excited and selected this Sawyer Watch. The watch came so fast -a few days to be exact- in this amazing wooden box and we were both blown away by the high quality, nice heavy weight, and the ability to wind it up instead of battery operated. The wooden band is so unique, easily adjusted at any jewelry store, and comes with a finishing oil to moisturize the band as needed over time. Set up was a breeze with instructions and he was ready to go!



The interior components are Citizen made in Japan and it’s pretty cool to flip the watch over and see internal workings on the back. The band is 100% natural wood crafted and made in the US. It keeps accurate time and super easy to see. The watch is water resistant but not waterproof so be sure to not submerge it while at the pool!

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Style with a Budget-July


Gucci Belt | Floral Mules (similar) | White Linen Shirt | Destroyed Jeans (similar)

Well thank goodness that August is here cause I was trying to catch up for July and not spend too much to keep me on track with my budget. If you are new to my blog, click here to see how I got started seeking my fashion style. Of course it’s always evolving but for the most part, I feel at home with classic and simple styles. I figured out that I could pop my look with a fancy bag and interesting shoes!

 Orchid Kitten Heels (similar style) (similar color) | Velvet Mules  (similar)| Preloved Gucci Mules

This month, I technically bought these 3 items along with some eyeliner. AND my brother came back from Paris so course I made him bring me the LV Cles and Gucci Belt-major heart eyes. Luckily I still had my luxury accessories budget otherwise I’d be well over my annual budget.  I did a major shoe purge (10 to be exact with a few more to be sold) below to help fund some investment shoes. I am currently eyeing some Dior Slingbacks, Dior Kitten Heels, or Valentino Flats. Decisions, decisions!


I still have the black wedge sandals (size 6.5) and silver flats (size 7)available  so let me know if you are interested :) Can you tell that I love Jcrew? Haha!


Gingham Dress |Earrings


I get a box of jewelry from Rocksbox and obsessed with this current order. If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox, it’s a fun styling service ($21/month) that sends you gorgeous jewelry to try on and wear. If you love and want to keep any of the items, the $21 design fee credit goes towards the item. Pieces range from $40-$90 including Kendra Scott. If you love all 3 pieces, you get an extra $10 off the whole box! If you don’t love the jewelry enough to keep, you can wear them and return the box for a new set. Shipping both ways is included. Easy peasy! It is a really neat service as I need to up my jewelry game and they have trendy pieces and classic high quality pieces as well! Use coupon code limelightlanexoxo for your 1st month for free. Cancel anytime!


Velvet Mules (similar)


Can you tell I like shoes? Haha. I got these pink rain boots (similar) for work as I go to construction sites and my old 12 year old boots started leaking. So of course my clients are going to love these pink babies! (probably not, but who cares-teehee) These boots don’t count towards my budget since they are for work, right?



Preloved Gucci Mules


Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Velvet Mules (similar)–$5: I saw these Prada velvet mules last year and been drooling for them ever since. When I saw these from Cape Robbin, I jumped on them. I bought these from Ebay with $10 credit-the total was $15 and a steal!!
  2. Jcrew Dulci Heels-$42: These also came from Ebay preloved. They have very little wear on them and almost new. I loved my other kitten heels so much that I had to get the orchid ones when they popped up in my size.
  3. Gucci Mules$0: I know what you are thinking. Preloved shoes? Well we all know how many shoes we have in our closet than may have been worn once. These mules retailed for $500+ and got them for in great condition for $65 (I used some funds from my shoe sales). I am obsessed with Real, Real for preloved luxury goods. Check them out!!

lv cles

Budget Summary

Total Budget: $2400

This month: $74

Spent Year to Date: $1486

Left for the Year: $914

Luxury Handbags (2 per year): 2/2 (eek! that went fast)

Luxury Small Goods (2 per year): 2/2 (and we are done for the year)

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

xxoo, Chau