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Hello lovelies!! Is it already almost June? Can’t believe the school year for the kiddos are almost over! My oldest gal will be in 2nd grader and little man will be in Pre-K next year (sniffles as they are growing so fast!) Anyway, May shopping is a little mixed with no theme whatever. I thought I could make it a month without a shoe purchase but you know that never happens :) I had a fun girls trip for a couple days to Panama City Beach and will be packing shortly for a family vacation in Punta Cana! Can’t wait!!!



Retro Blue Hat


Linen White Tie Front Shirt | Denim Fray Shorts (similar)

Coral Flip Flops (only $10 and I buy one every year!! Love them!)


Milky Pink Sunglasses | Banded Sandals | Bathing Suit (similar style) |Canvas Tote

Straw Fedora Hat


Straw Fedora Hat | Bathing Suit (similar style) | Aviator Sunglasses (preowned-I have a pair of Ray-Bans from Real, Real and seriously amazing deal!! Plus you get $25 off first purchase of anything!)


Straw Fedora Hat | Coverup or Short Casual Dress (similar style)-Love these I have 3!!

Canvas Tote


White Chunky Sleeveless Sweater | Milky Pink Sunglasses | Faded Red Skinny Jean 

Banded Sandals

Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Straw Fedora Hat$11 (sale): I was never a hat girl until I discovered them as an accessory and adds interest to my classic and simple outfits. Plus for beach and pool time, these one is perfect to keep the rays off the face. I had a $7 VISA gift card used towards this purchase-otherwise it would be $18
  2. Fuchsia Lady Tweed Jacket-$33 (MAJOR SCORE): I had been eyeing this jacket and when it was in the 50% and clearance category, there is no way I could turn it down despite the fact that it’s 80 degrees :) May be great for summer meetings in air conditioned spaces.  I took my usual size 8.
  3. White Chunky Sleeveless Sweater-$23 (sale): I have this thing for stark white and chunky sweaters so when I saw this, it was perfect! I ordered a small for reference.
  4. Faded Red Skinny Jeans-$47 (sale) : I was actually looking for ripped white skinny jeans and when I saw this, I thought it was pretty cool-it looks more faded like the photo I took above than on the website. For all of you apple shaped girls, the Gap jives with my body and gives me tight legs and no muffin tops! Yes!! Try them!!
  5. Banded Sandals$25 (sale) : I have some silver sandals from J.Crew retail that I love so much and I picked these up. The peachy pale color looks great on my tan skin! They aren’t leather-boohoo but I guess for the price, I can take them to the beach and not worry about them getting wet.
  6. 1 1/4″ Salon Curling Iron– $42 (sale): I loved how my curls stayed put for days when my stylist cuts and styles my hair at the salon and so she suggested this high quality one that heats up to 400+ degrees (my hair is THICK) so I got this on a whim too. I NEVER make purchases without research but they were having 20% off sale. I should be picking it up this week.
  7. Retro Blue Hat -$23 (no sale): I bought this at the beach and probably paid more than I should have, but it’s so cute and perfect with the perforations for air circulation. Like I said I don’t usually wear hats, but really liking them now :)
  8. CZ Earrings -$10: My trusty pearl earrings broke and need to get fixed so bought these as I really like studs. I love that they are sterling silver and have actual nuts instead of those dreaded plastic things. And they don’t turn my skin green :)
  9. Calvin Klein T-Shirt Racerback Bra $16: I am obsessed with CK bras!! Have you tried one? They are soooo comfy that I may never buy another brand!



CZ Earrings with Sterling Silver

Budget Summary

Total Budget: $2400

This month: $230

Spent Year to Date: $1011

Left for the Year: $1389

Luxury Handbags (2 per year): 1

Luxury Small Goods (2 per year): 0

I also have $38 from ebates to spend :) Hmmm what to buy?? If you haven’t signed up for ebates, you need to!! It’s free money!!

Linking up with Franish and the Budget Bloggers!!


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