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Hello lovelies!! Last month obviously was a shoe festival, so of course I had to get back on the clothes train! As a lover of classic styles, I picked up a few items with a twist! Literally (insert laugh emoji)!!  I wanted a few breathable items for spring and summer and couldn’t resist a great sale on the tweed jacket. If you like blazers but feel weird in them as being too formal, lady jackets are your friends!!!

Image 7

Gingham Shirt | Destroyed Jeans | Speedy B 25 (preloved)

Image 5

White Linen Shirt | Chambray Skirted Shorts | Captoe Slingbacks (preloved Chanel)

Speedy B 25 (preloved)

Image 4

Tweed Jacket (major sale) | Chambray Shorts |White Linen T |Captoe Slingbacks (preloved Chanel)| Gucci Marmont, similar (preloved)

Image 3

Lemon T | Chambray Shirt | White Legging Pants

Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Gray Linen T $17 (sale): These shirts are AMAZING and drape so nicely. I got a small and love the cute tie fronts. They are perfect for hot summer days but don’t forget to lie flat after washing. It’s linen after all so shrinkage is VERY possible. I should know :)
  2. White Linen T-$17 (sale): And of course this color came home with me too.
  3. Chambray Tercel Shorts$12 (sale): These shorts are literally the coolest things ever! They look like a skirt but really shorts! Win! And perfect for looking put together while being cool and comfortable.
  4. Navy Striped Linen Shorts-$21 (sale) : So then there were 2 ;)
  5. Pink Gingham Shirt$30 (sale) : This shirt is pretty interesting with the different scale gingham prints and love the color.
  6. Lemon T– $18 (sale): When you see lemon sequins, you buy! This shirt is super cute and love the lemon contrasting on the navy shirt. Uber cute!
  7. Tweed Lady Jacket  ($35): This jacket is a STEAL at this price. You need one! Very classy but it may seem hard to style. Long shirt poking out, skinny pants or pencil skirt and you are good to go! Fancy, but casual chic.

Image 2

Navy Linen Shorts | Gray Tie T | Red Sandals– ( preloved)

Image 1

White Denim Jacket | Gray Tie Shirt | Denim Skirt-old, similar | Floral Mules

I bought some elf foundation and concealer and some inserts for my white block heels as well.

***Oops. forgot to mention I got these fun sunglasses and been wearing them like crazy!***


Budget Summary

Total Budget: $2400

This month: $207 spent (update $222)

Left for the Year: $1604 (update $1589)

Luxury Handbags (2 per year): 1

Luxury Small Goods (2 per year): 0

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