Style with a Budget-March

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After looking at this post, I think I may have a shoe problem (#shoeaddict) ;0) I did buy a few bras too but didn’t think it would be exciting to show! Haha! Anyway, as you can see I bought a bunch of designer shoe dupes this month! I am a big fan of real leather shoes vs faux leather so I try to purchase higher quality real leather dupes if possible!


Blush Bag| White Block Heels (similar)


White Block Heels (similar)| White Linen Shirt| Blush Crossbody

Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Captoe Slingbacks– $90 (I used my Ebates check for $90 so it was $0 for me): I have loved the classic Chanel slingbacks found on all of the fashion bloggers but just couldn’t really swallow the cost of them as shoes don’t last forever since we wear them out in daily life. The next best thing is a real leather dupe! These are great however I didn’t even realize the heels are 3″ tall! The scale looks different in the photos but luckily I can easily wear them!
  2. Louis Vuitton Rose de Vents 2mL Sample-$17: I am obsessed with this parfum but didn’t need nor wanted to buy a whole bottle because I don’t wear parfum often. Soo I found out that LV issued some samples that they gave away to customers. I unfortunately didn’t get to be one of those lucky ones who got samples of the whole collection. The next best thing is to buy a 2mL sample on Ebay :)
  3. Horsebit Floral Black Mules (similar)-$65: Ok, I’m terrible but obsessed with Gucci Princetown mules but simply can’t spend that much money on them, especially if they may be a trend. I found these on Ebay and Forever21 has some similar ones. Mine are real leather and should be arriving today so I’m counting them in for March. Anything I buy on Ebay is generally never returned due to the cost to ship back far outweighs just keeping them.
  4. Marc Jacobs Eyeliner-$25: Best eyeliner on the planet. Nuff said!
  5. White Block Heels (similar)$30 (sale) : Seeing so many white heels becoming popular, I bought these from Zara. I have never shopped at that store before but love their style. If only their customer service was better! These are not leather. Breaking my cardinal rule but really liked the style AND price point :)
  6. Black Ankle Pointed Boots (similar)– $39 (sale): Saw these on another blogger and NEEDED them! Real leather too and on sale! Yes, please!



Captoe Slingbacks| Staple Black Leggings


Captoe Slingbacks| White Leggings Pants


Captoe Slingbacks| Destroyed Jeans | Striped Shirt | Blush Crossbody | Raybans


Blue Shirt (similar)| Ray Ban | Chambray Shirt | Pink Legging Pants


Captoe Slingbacks| Denim Skirt | Hot Pink Chair| Necklace

Budget Summary

Total Budget: $2400

This month: $215 spent 

Left for the Year: $1811

Luxury Handbags (2 per year): 1

Luxury Small Goods (2 per year): 0


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