Style with a Budget-February


White Lace Blouse 



Gucci Marmont Bag

Hello everyone! February was a very slim month for the budget. I knew that I really had to recoup from January’s budget as I overspent then so had to pull in the reigns this month (sort of). It’s been a VERY trying month for me as I’ve been working on an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a large project and had to pull together a team of other firms to pursue this major project. We’ve been working days, nights, and weekends since January and I really WISH I had time to shop.  We had our big interview with the selections committee last week and hoping for some good news this week. Pick us please-fingers crossed.  Anyway back to fashion :)

Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Lace Blouse– $35: When I saw this gorgeous blouse with the high collar, I knew I HAD to have it despite paying retail. I could have waited for a sale coupon to come by but had a free shipping coupon so said what the heck! This blouse is just awesome and high quality however you will need a white tank under it as it’s lace.
  2. Gucci Marmont– : I have been eyeing this bag and color for about 6 months+ and been tracking it in all of the department stores. I knew I should have pulled the trigger earlier when I could have bought online and saved the sales tax money and added ebates cash back. BUT I can’t buy anything without thinking it over a million times in my head. When I noticed that pretty much everyone was out of stock, I panicked and headed down to the Gucci store at Phipps Plaza. There were only a few left in the small size and white and I was so exhausted from the Proposal and decided to reward myself for spending over 3 months of hard work. Yes it was a pretty penny but #sorrynotsorry! I’m super excited as I love it and it’s a classic style and color in my book!!

P.S-I did sell my white vintage Chanel bag to help foot the bill for this one -so really I spent less ;)







Gucci Marmont Bag | Suede Gray Booties (similar, similar) | Wool Stadium Coat


Budget Summary

Total Budget: $2400

This month: $35 spent 

Left for the Year: $2023

Luxury Handbags (2 per year): 1

Luxury Small Goods (2 per year): 0

When thinking of the word budget, to me I think of it as keeping within an allotted amount of predetermined money that is set for the year vs just spending willy nilly as “it’s on sale”. Yes, I spent a significant amount of $ on a handbag but as long as I am holding myself accountable then that is the point of this whole budget series. That is what counts to me. Here is my post on how to afford luxury bags when starting out. I still need to do an updated post on that topic in the near future and resources for buying pre-owned. But for now, I’ll enjoy this beauty :)

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