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Hello everyone!! Hope you are stuffed to the gills with turkey and burned off those extra calories shopping at the Black Friday sales! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as we get to spend time with family and I get sooo excited about making my Mom’s asian stuffing recipe. I also made pecan pie and yes homemade is seriously better than store made! Mmmm!

Did I mention I like shoes?  Haha! #shoeaddict Well, I bought all of these things during the Black Friday madness and there’s a high chance of returning a few if they don’t fit. I have been a major internet buyer these days as it takes so much time to go from one store to another to find what I need. The details aren’t obvious at the stores so I find it easier to just order online easily hopping many websites, narrowing my target items (eg midwash skinny jeans with midrise, and 29″ or less inseam-that’s not a tall order right ;) and try on at home with my wardrobe in front of me, and return as needed.

I thought I’d post for November since technically I haven’t received most of these items, but I have a major big heart eyes for a few of them!!!

Thoughts on what I bought:

  1. Ugg Quincy Boots– $130 (sale): Hello beautiful boot! I’ve been eyeing Uggs forever as they are pretty expensive, kind of bulky, and thought that I might be too old as I’m definitely not a college student-haha. But I say these on Hailey Baldwin and swoon, I bounced on the Bloomingdales BF sales and scooped them up!! Can’t wait for these as I am dreaming about cozying up in the shearling! I normally wear 6.5/7 and bought in 7 so I can wear socks.
  2. Gap Sherpa Lined Cardigan-$30 (sale) : Dying over this cozy cardigan! I think I am a fan of light gray/ ivory sweaters and when I saw this, it was all over! Perfect to wear sitting at my desk on a chilly day! Pass the coffee!! Size S as I think it runs large.
  3. Gap Studded Skinny Jeans-$36 (sale): I have tons of legging pants, but very few actual jeans. It is tough finding jeans I tell you! I have an apple body type and wide in the middle and hips so hoping these fit nicely based on reviews. And love the frayed hem and side slit-kind of edgy. I like. I bought size 29 hoping they fit. Ooo, I could have ordered a 30 too to be safe BUT I live on the wild side! Haha.
  4. H&M Slim Jeans-$14 (steal): These were a steal at $14!! And they look exactly like the medium wash that I am wanting. So I thought I’d give them at try in size 10.
  5. Manolo Blahnik-$32 (yes you read that right!): These are preloved from the Real, Real and I wanted to try them out before even considering a new pair. I LOVE the lace overlay and shipping was pretty fast. I also got a $50 coupon that they send every now and then, so I seriously scored on these beauties!! Major heart eyes!!
  6. J.Crew Factory Gigi Pants-$40 (sale): I needed some nice black pants and these fit great at size 8 and have a sheen to it that make it look “nice” and super dark. Don’t you hate it when black pants fade. These are super dark!!
  7. H&M Jersey Leggings -$7 (sale): I live in black cotton leggings. Period. For $7, I thought I’d try!
  8. Gap Pink Suede Flats $20 (sale): All I have to say is pink and suede! YESS!! Size 6.5.



I also got a $25 credit from Madewell’s birthday club so I got this fun shearling keychain pouf and low cut socks for $6! I’ve been wanting a pouf for a while but didn’t want to spend the money it, so the credit came at the perfect time!!

Budget Summary

Previous YTD spent: $1652

This month: $315 spent

YTD spent:$1967

Total Budget: $2400

Left for the year: $433

How’d you do this month?

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4 thoughts on “Style with a Budget-November

  1. That is a great price on the Manolos! I’ve enjoyed shopping at The RealReal, but man the shipping (and return shipping) fees are killer, which makes it hard to justify shopping there sometimes.


    • Thanks for visiting Xin. Totally agree about the shipping and return. Got burned once but now I know to try on sizes in the store. Then I look for my size and buy knowing that I’m not returning anything. Risky but for $30, I figured what the heck!


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