Office Holiday Party



One: Festive Red Chain Bag

Two: Pale Pink Stone Studs

Three: Black Lace Dress

Four: Velvet Neutral Heels

Five:Wool Scarf

Six: Fancy Men’s Watch

Seven: Wrinkle Free Men’s Shirt

Eight:Navy Velvet Blazer

Nine:Cotton Men’s Pants

Ten: Brown Men’s Shoes

It’s that time of the year with all of the holiday festivities gearing up!  Thanksgiving is coming up and then we’ll be in full swing with Black Friday sales, holiday parties, office holiday parties, kids holiday parties and finally Christmas and New Years! It’s such a whirlwind of events but love to spend time with family and friends to reflect on the year and give thanks!

I have a pretty casual office environment so I love to get dressed up whenever I get a chance! My hubby likes to get dressed up too but is more casual in his picks. And an office party is the perfect time to pull out that fancy gear and celebrate! My hubby and I don’t have a regular date night since we have hectic schedules and 2 young kids so when we do, let’s say we are all giggles!!!


For Her:

  1. Festive Red Chain Bag: I don’t spend too much money on clothing, but have a serious thing for luxury bags and now shoes :)  Those two things really pop and elevate an outfit so this pick from Gucci’s Marmont collection totally drew me in! This zipped pouch bag actually can be used as a real bag as the chain is long enough for your shoulder and possibly crossbody. And it holds all the essentials for an evening out: lipstick, chapstick, card holder, and cell phone! And the color is just so festive, don’t you agree?
  2. Pale Pink Stone Earrings: I love stud earrings-period!! Pearls, diamonds, you name it. And these oversized ones make a statement when you pull the hair up in a unswept hairdo.
  3. Black Lace Dress: Hello? I am loving lace this year! Seriously never been a lace girl but this classic style combined with lace makes for such a feminine look!
  4. Velvet Neutral Heels: I admit to having a lux bag addiction, but my eye has been wondering over to the shoe section and read alot about the comfort of Manolo Blahnik heels (channeling Carrie Bradshaw). I bought a lace pair recently from Real, Real that I’ll share with you later. But this velvet one (did I mention I am a sucker for suede and velvet) seems so feminine and matches the velvet blazer on hubby!
  5. Wood Gray Scarf: This one actually is for the boys but I figured I’d steal it when it gets chilly. Win for me and win for him!


For Him:

 6. Fancy Men’s Watch: My hubby actually has a Seiko watch similar to this that I got him for his graduation present. He prefers leather band watches and this one is so cool as it is very similar to the Apple Watch with all of the notifications, timers, exercise apps, etc but looks like a traditional men’s watch.

7. Wrinkle free Men’s Shirt-This actually reminds me of Brooks Brothers but less expensive at $98 each. He loves cotton shirts as he gets hot easily and wrinkle free is hands down his favorite no ironing kind of shirt!

8. Velvet Navy Blazer-Hubby is a pretty traditional type of guy but he loves his velour jumpsuit that I got him for Christmas a few years ago. So this velvet one is perfect to dress up an outfit for the office party and all the rage this year!

9. Cotton Men’s Pants-I mentioned before that he gets hot easily so wool pants are a no go. So excited to see these cotton ones come in taller lengths (he’s 6′-2″) and can be worn year round and a great investment piece!

10. Brown Oxford Shoes-Unlike me, he prefers value priced shoes and literally every time he picks out dress shoes, he get a comment from other guys saying ” Hey man, I like your shoes!” and to get that from guys is a real big compliment as usually men don’t pay attention to fashion!

There you have it! Giggles all the way to the party and such a dashingly dressed couple, don’t you think?


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