How to Shop J.Crew


J.Crew Factory Schoolboy Blazers: Navy, Blue Herringbone, Wedges

Hello everyone! I love a bargain to say the least and created this blog with a budget to keep me in check. I used to buy things on “sale” or “cute” but either the shirt or pants never fit my wardrobe or that pretty $20 sweater just wasn’t worth it due to the poor quality/ poor fit and ended up in the donation pile and money down the drain. I changed my tune and decided to figure out my style that I felt most comfortable in and spend more money on quality items that were classic and lasted. (see this post on how I got started)

As time progressed, I discovered that my style was classic and fun! I wanted quality over quantity and loved saturated colors! When I stepped into J.Crew and J. Crew Factory-I felt at home with their clean classic styles and vibrant colors using high quality fabrics and material like suede and 100% cotton/silk. BUT, this comes at a high price tag! So, I figured out a way to purchase items I loved on SALE! Woohoo! Here’s how I do it.

How I shop at J.Crew online (or any other store) without breaking the bank:

  1. Preshop: Scroll through the site and add items you are thinking about. Read the details, material, reviews, how it fits -slim fit, oversized, create an account and ADD your item to the WISHLIST. Yes, it’s not on sale but be patient and EVERYTHING goes on sale at some point. Some hot items do sell out but that’s the risk I take unless I want to pay full retail (not usually :)


I’ve been wanting this Regents Blazer as it is so flattering and such nice quality material!

2. Try it on in store: If  you don’t know how J.Crew fits, go to the store and try it on. I am usually a small or 6 in most tops/sweaters or 8 in jackets, blazers, skirts. I love my Painter shirts to have more room so anything that says “slim fit” I upsize to Medium :)


Tipped Rhodes Blazer, Ray Ban Aviators, Tory Burch Leather iPhone6s Case (leather)

3. Wait (patience, patience) for emails to announce a good “sale” (30% is good for retail and current styles, and 40-50% under the marked down categories). Holidays are the BEST days to score anything and remember there is practically a holiday every month-Columbus Day, Labor Day, etc. Be patient as sales codes change every day or over the weekend!


4. When the price is right, go for it!! Add the item to cart, use the sale code for the discount and boom here it comes! Sometimes J.Crew offers free shipping but more often than not, I add an item I am thinking about to fill the cart to $150+. There’s always filler items if needed under the sale tab and sort by price (lowest to highest).  I NEVER pay for shipping, period! And return anything in store that I don’t LOVE/need.  I’ve noticed that Tuesdays tend to be hot sale dates with free shipping involved for J.Crew Factory! J. Crew tends to be Mondays following sale weekends where they offer free shipping.

***note a final sale will be indicated on those items (in the sale section and they are usually steeply discounted at 50% off). Be 100% you want it as it is final sale!


5. Returns? Dance around in joy. Fabulous!  Your items are here. Try it on with your current wardrobe. Prance around and be excited you scored a great deal. BUT if you don’t love it, doesn’t fit perfectly, doesn’t fit into your wardrobe or lifestyle, then back it goes to be RETURNED. Don’t keep anything you won’t wear or hesitate on as really it’s a waste of money and adds to the whole theory of fast fashion in landfills. It’s OK, no one will judge you at the counter and really people do it everyday!!! If you love it, then you’ve scored an amazing piece ON SALE!!! Yes!!

6. Final Sale: Speaking of final sale, look at this white linen blazer originally  $178 with sale code for 50% off, this beautiful linen blazer is only $40. WOW!!! I could use this next summer :)final-sale

*Not sponsored by J. Crew but I truly love this store!! Happy shopping!




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