Style with a Budget-September


Style with a Budget

One: Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar)

Two: Tweed Jacket, (similar)

Three: Off White LS Drapey T

Four: Suede Navy Blue Heels

Five: Legging Pants

Six: Tweed Flats

Seven:Military Style Field Jacket

Eight:Navy 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

Nine: Nude Patent Pointed Toe Wedge

I should point out that I bought A LOT of things in September!! Holy cow, yes it’s true and I thought I wasn’t getting into fall yet. Funny I literally bought everything last week! I am headed to Boston for a business program-by the time you read this I’ll have been there for 3 days and I have no professional clothes! I think I ditched that look over 11 years ago when I changed jobs so I pretty much had nothing. Sooo, I went on a major haul getting blazers, more leggings pants (my staple fall/winter gear-LOVE these), and I guess I have a thing for shoes!! Haha!


Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar) , Black Leggings, Nude Almond Flats, Louis Vuitton Favorite MM


Military Utility Jacket


Tweed Jacket, (similar), Blush Blouse-old (similar, similar), Oxblood Legging Pants, Nude Pointed Wedges

1. Oxblood Blazer (similar)-$40 . I placed an order at J.Crew Factory for a Navy Blazer and hit the wrong button. I should have ordered an 8P but hit the 8 button instead and it would be delivered too late. Panicked for a blazer, I ran to TJ Maxx (my secret weapon lately) to find this one and it fits perfectly. It’s a boiled woolish material but the cut is awesomely fitted. I know it’s not navy, but this will for now.

2. “Chanel” ish Tweed Jacket, (similar)-$26. You know I see this pic of Olivia Palermo in this gorgeous jacket and said this shall be mine!! Bruhahaha! I ordered this from Ebay from China and it took 3 weeks to arrive. For the price, it’s actually pretty good I must say!! Granted it’s not high quality per say but the fit is pretty good! I ordered an XL btw as asian women (in china-ahem) are smaller and my chest size is 35″ so I figured safe than sorry.

3. Drapey Off White LS T-$15. I needed a white top and this off white would be great for fall especially since I wear skinny pants and the drape is nice.

4. Suede Navy Heels-$75. Hello navy heels that I can actually walk in! 2.25″. Yes!!! I got these in 6.5 and usually between 6.5/7.

5. Legging Pants-$40 for both. These are the only pants I wear all year. Period. Added gray and another navy (which is actually more of a dark blue-not as dark as navy). I wear M.

6. Tweed Flats-$12-Target has a 25% off sale on shoes. These were cute. Done! It is coincidental that they match my tweed jacket. BUT, I’ll take it as intentionally :)

7. Military Field Jacket-$50. My friend had a similar olive utility last year. I was really loving the style, so I copied her this year :) I got mine from TJ Maxx, my fave store!!

8. Navy 3/4 T -$15. This shirt is major soft and awesome! And cotton. I am thinking of getting another color. Heart eyes!!

9. Nude Patent Wedges-$20. I totally scored this on major clearance at TJ Maxx! They look polished with the pointed toe and have a slight wedge which makes them comfortable.


Nude Pointed Wedges, Oxblood Legging Pants

What I packed for my trip:


Airport Style: Tweed Flats, White Shirt, Chambray Shirt-old (similar), Black Leggings


Day 1: Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar), Striped Blue Popover, Black Legging Pants, Black Suede Heels


Day 2: Peter Pan Collar Sweater-old (similar black), Navy Pants, Navy Heels


Day 3: Tweed Jacket, (similar), Blush Blouse-old (similar, super cute similar), Oxblood Pants, Nude Wedges


Day 4: Navy 3/4 Shirt, Gray Pants, Black Suede Heels, Louis Vuitton Shawl


Day 5: Oxblood Blazer (similar, similar), Gingham Shirt, White Pants, Nude Wedges


Shoe Recap


And accessories!

Gold Chain Bracelet, Crystal bracelet-old J.Crew (similar), Gold Bar Long Necklace-old J.Crew (similar but chevron), Crystal Blue and Gray Necklace-old J.Crew (similar)

Budget Summary

Previous YTD spent: $968

This month: $314 spent

YTD spent:$1282

Total Budget: $2400

Left for the year: $1118

How’d you do this month?

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