Style with a Budget- April

Style updated flat

One: Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Two: Matte Neutral Eyeshadow

Three: Light Denim Leggings

Four: Cropped Pink Leggings

Five: Cropped Light Denim Leggings

Hello everyone! I had a haul of legging pants at Uniqlo this month! I absolutely love their pants rather than jeans! My body type is apple which means that I have great legs but most jeans give me saggy butt and the waist fits funny. So I found this style 2 years ago and never looked back! I live in them and highly recommend them if you have thin legs!

I’ve been looking for a natural matte eyeshadow palette for awhile and saw this at my local Target and thought for $10, I’d give it a try. I am just getting into makeup (which you would think a 40 year would know by now-haha!) and it is totally about trial, error and reviews! I’ll let you know how this goes in later on! I really like the Urban Decay onesΒ that everyone raves about but since I’m just getting into the whole makeup thing, I’d thought I’d try these first. Do you know how hard it is to find matte eyeshadow palettes? Crazy, as I guess the trends lean towards glitter!

Finally, I took the plunge on these Ray Bans in gold with brown lens! Nordstrom’s was having a sale and I loved the pre-loved ones I bought from The Real, Real so figured let’s do it!!


Louis Vuitton Damier Azure SpeedyB25

DA Speedy25


So I am totally nuts, and decided the last bag that I got was too small for my needs. It was super cute and loved the pink lining and crossbody, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to stack my wallet, sunglasses, and pouch perfectly to fit! And for the price of the bag, it better be perfect! So I picked this one instead and Goldilocks has finally found her perfect size! Whew!!


Wearing: Blue striped popoverΒ (looks like blue is sold out, yellow is avail), navy leggings, and MK flats (similar)

Budget Summary

YTD last month was $2058 (spent)- ($250-traded in the LV bag)=$1808

This month: $236 spent

I’ve decided that I’m going to pull my splurge purse out of the equation as it’s been on my list for awhile and funded it separately. So revised budget:

Total 2016 Budget is $2400- $674 TD= $1726 left for the year.

DH is taking me to Paris for our 10 year anniversary so I KNOW my budget will be dinged BIG time! So excited and can’t wait!!


6 thoughts on “Style with a Budget- April

  1. I’m also a makeup beginner. I think it makes sense to skip the Naked palettes, because they mostly have shimmery/glittery shades. The colors of the e.l.f. palette actually remind me of the original Lorac Pro palette (which I considered but ended up getting the Naked 1 palette and the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar).


  2. Thanks Engineer L! Actually, I was typing fast and should have linked to the Naked Basics! Thanks for the comment though! I really like your JCrew Factory nude patent bow flats! I’ve been looking for another similar flat because I wanted a natural leather rather than synthetic but keep coming back to it!


  3. I definitely agree it makes sense to pull your bag out of the spending equation if you’ve been funding it with savings that are separate from your monthly clothing funds. How do you find the leather is in terms of keeping it clean?

    Have fun in Paris! It’s a gorgeous city :D


    • Hi Cassie! I did the patina champ method (search under purse forum) and it is working well so far. I got a few drops of water on the leather strap and was so upset that it stained the vachetta but I wiped it down and all better and even! So far, so good! Can’t wait for Paris!!


  4. I really can relate about your journey with makeup. I’m 38 years old and just now I’m trying to learn how to makeup myself and buying a lot of products… And here is where I see that you are right, I had spend thousands in make up the last month only to discover that not everything works for me… So let’s go slowly and buy small versions first!


    • Let’s do it! I have been trying e.l.f. products as the price is super inexpensive which makes me very hesitate to buy as I’m worried about low quality or being bad for you. But so far, so good! My friend got me into Laura Mercier products for my wedding 10 years ago and pretty much love everything! I actually still use the eyeshadows from then-shhh! I know, 10 year old eye shadow!!


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