Style with a Budget- March

Style Flat Updated


One: J. Crew Factory / Striped  Button up-LOVE

Two: LV / Croisette (similar Michael Kors)

Three: New Balance/ 515 Pique Navy  , Similar, Similar (Hurry as it is almost sold out everywhere!)

Four: Kohl’s / Stripe Coverup

Five: Old Navy/ Floral Dress (size down one size)

Six: Old Navy/ Shift Linen Dress

Seven: J. Crew Factory / Blue Earrings

Can you tell I like blues! Haha! Remember last month when I said I didn’t need to buy any more things in the next few months? Ha! We’ll the warm spring weather strikes and so does my excitement for warmer weather clothing and I couldn’t resist!!

In March (which feels like forever -5 weeks), I ended up buying the LV Favorite MM bag that I’ve been lusting for since October 2015! Well… until I saw this bag the Croisette that was just released. It holds more items and how could I turned down the cute tassel and dreamy strawberry pink lining! Plus it has a top handle and crossbody strap-versatile as an everyday bag. So back to the mall I went as I certainly don’t need 2 white bags!

It was definitely a reward as I’ve been buried in paperwork to get business licenses, marketing together, website up, and get out applications for certifications for my design business! It’s been REALLY hectic but I am almost over the hump and really excited for the future and what may come! My biggest accomplishment over the last 4 months is I applied for the Tory Burch Fellows Foundation Competition and I made the top 30! SOOO excited and need your vote to make it to the top 10 and go to NYC (scroll down below).


I heart this bag!!

LV Croisette

Look at the gorgeous pink lining!

LV Cro Pink


Let me preface this with “what budget”?

Honestly I’m one of the most frugal people you may know. I am the coupon queen and spend countless time using them at the grocery stores, finding travel deals, coupons for airport parking to dinner out, go to consignment sales for some of my kids clothes, etc. I buy things on Ebay because it is cheaper, won’t buy on Amazon because it tends to be more expensive, and buy gas cards at the grocery so I can earn 6% cash back on my AMEX! Yes, I am that person!

I am usually very good at keeping a budget. I grew up in a family with 4 kids and we only received clothes from Goodwill and my Mom would split a piece of Wrigley gum 4 ways to share! And this is not because we were poor. They socked away money like no one’s business one penny at a time. That frugality or should I say value has stayed with me to this day.

But, I’ve been wanting to celebrate my little victories these past few months or really last few years! It’s been a long path and journey throughout my career, married an amazing man, expanded my family with 2 munchkins, moved into a house that we built to raise our kids, and gosh darn it, it’s time to celebrate!


This month I sold 2 handbags: $295 (back to the budget) and returned the flip flops ($12) from last month (I didn’t like the plastic around the toe)

Total budget is $577 (see last month’s post) + $295 +$12- $2058 (spent)= deficit of $1174  (yikes!)

Total 2016 Budget is $2400+ $408 (purse sales/ebates/$45 credit from last year)-$2058 (spent for the year) = $750 leftover

I guess I can’t say I’m a budget blogger anymore! Ha! Oh well!


Finalist Badge for Your Website


I applied for the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Competition which is a woman’s entrepreneur contest (actually found it while browsing the Tory Burch website-LOL) in January and out of 500 applicants, I made the top 30 as a Finalist! OMG! I am over the moon! The next step is get enough votes to move on to the top 10  which includes a 3 day workshop in NYC and $10,000 for business education. The top 10 vie for the 1 spot to win $100,000 for your business! Holy Cow!

Voting ends April 22!

Please vote here for me daily :) and I’ll be forever grateful for your help!

Linking up with Franish and the Budget Bloggers!


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