Style with a Budget-February

Hello everyone!  I didn’t buy very much is February because I purchased quite a few things in January and didn’t need much this month.  Also, I have been obsessing over a new handbag and devised a plan to get it. I really am loving (ahem-obsessing) Louis Vuitton and been researching the brand and the options and came up with a “masterplan” of the types of bags that I want in general. I’ve been on a minimizing kick and cleaned out my closet and in the process of selling bags I no longer use (some are over 15 years old-I know right! Selling the older ones at a consignment sale and the rest down below).


Feb Purchase.jpg1. White button up cover up | 2. Soft Gold Glitter Flip Flops| 3. Zuzu Natural Eyeliner in Obsidian

For our upcoming cruise, I got these bathing suits which are a strapless one piece (first time getting this style) and wanted to get a button up open front cover up. It was super hard to find something that I liked but came across this white one and it was perfect! Eyeing the striped one too! And new glittery flipflops caught my eye as I was walking out of Kohl’s so got them too! It is very hard for me to impulse buy as I have to think it over forever but it was only $10 with 20% off coupon so I can handle it ;)

Lately I have been researching natural makeup as I’ve been on a quest for better food selections for myself and the family and came across the idea of makeup that is safe. Everyone knows that whole grain, no artificial colors, eating fruits and vegetables, and organic when possible is better for you. But makeup that you put on your face and skin (a huge absorbing component of your body) is just as important.  So, I thought I’d try on a natural eyeliner as I was in the market for another brand. I have used Revlon forever just for ease of application.



Mineral Fusion -Stunning





Mineral Fusion -Fragile

I bought the Stunning eye shadow but didn’t realize that it has shimmer in it. And came to realize that I don’t like shimmer. Just matte eye shadow. So I am planning to return Stunning for Fragile but I don’t think it was at my fave store Earthfare so I guess we’ll see. Do you know how hard it is to find matte shadow that is considered safe? Geez! I am researching Honest Beauty too as I think it is interesting to see all types of makeup suitable for all ethnicity! Go Jessica Alba!

Back to the budget, here is my Year to Date 2016 for Clothes:

Screenshot 2016-02-28 09.27.58.jpg

Summary of 2016 to date:

  1. I returned (2) Painter shirts from Jcrew as 1 came in as the exact color that I already have (thought it was red, but turned out more orange) and the pink one had a hole in the fabric under the arm. $42
  2.  My duplicate Madewell heels were returned so I rolled over $40 into this year as my 2015 budget was over due to the heels.
  3. My budget per month is $200 (Jan, Feb, March=$600) and have $82 back in the mix from returns + I earned $68 from Ebates– $173.01 (spent this year)= $576.99 leftover (woohoo!)

With my $577.00, I plan to use towards my first new Louis Vuitton bag (insert squeal!) probably in mid April. I’m sure I’ll buy a couple small items between then but gotta save it up!!


louis-vuitton-favorite-mm-damier-azur-canvas-handbags--N41275_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Damier Azur


 Clemance Wallet in Monogram (Left) and Pochette in Damier Azure (Above)


For reference, I am 5’2″. The crossbody is perfect for my height but if you are taller, you can take the metal chain and extend. Perfect! Love the color as I tend to love white bags, multi-function of the crossbody, gold chain for shoulder bag, and clutch when you take both straps off!

I am in the process of selling these two bags and wallet on Ebay to help fund some of my new bag. If anyone is interested before I post it, please send me a message ;) All items are 100% authentic!!

Tory Burch Amanda Dome Satchel 

Vibrant cherry red color and uber nice full weight leather. It has that nice new car leather smell when you pull it out of the bag! Ahh!  Measures 11″ ht, 14″ length, 5.75″ wide and 6″ handle drops. I’ve carried this about 3-4 times as I tend to like crossbodies. Beautiful bag though!

Retails $495 (similar) .Selling for $225 including free shipping and comes with dustbag.




Michael Kors Monogram Satchel

Jacquard exterior with gold metal hardware, leather tassel and drawstring opening with tab closure. This is super nice and rich in person. I bought it at the Factory Store and carried it once. Literally. Feel like new. Measures 10″ ht, 15″ length, 6″ wide, and 9″ handle drops. All trim is leather.

Retails for $259 (similar). Selling for $110 including free shipping.




Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Continental Wallet

Matte silver saffiano leather is in good shiny condition. I purchased this preloved and it has a pen mark on the inside flap, and a little wear on the exterior corners, but overall good condition. This is a good entry at a good price into TB if you don’t have any of her items.

Retails for $225 (similar style). Selling for $30 including shipping



If you’d like more pics, please message me ;0)

Happy March!

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3 thoughts on “Style with a Budget-February

  1. That cross body really is a nice length on you! I’m the same height, and I’m looking for a cross body purse as well. There’s just too many options, I haven’t been able to narrow down the choices! Good luck on meeting your savings goal :)


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