Life lately

Hello! So I just started this blog in January and it’s mid February and just getting around to another post! Oh my! My company has been insane to say the least and usually February is my slowest month but this year is way, way different! I’ve been wanting to get a full size mirror and some props to take photos like a selfie stick and camera tripod but this will do for now! Haha!

Outfit Roundup

I hope everyone had a great V-day! Here is my Valentines Day outfit! Big J and I just went for casual sushi at our fave place while the kids were at Mimi’s house! We had a great time just relaxing and stuffing our faces with rolls, jalapeno poppers stuffed with tuna, and fried rice with yum, yum sauce! YUM, YUM! My FAVE!


Pink Sweater/ Uniqlo White Legging Pants/Crystal Long Necklace (similar)

 Gray Ankle Boots (similar)

My cute little jewelry nook! See the cute pink necklace my daughter picked up at her school sale for Christmas. She was so proud of it!


Tory Burch Silver Bag (LOVE) (similar) / Gold Kate Spade Watch

Jcrew Necklaces/ Jcrew Bracelets –Gold and Crystal, Gold Chain

This was a cold day wearing my all time favorite coat Jcrew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat. The gray is gorgeous and I wear 4P for reference (this was last year’s). The Tory Burch bag below is actually matte gold metallic (smaller than my silver Robinson in the above pic) and adds a little pop of bling-just the way I like it! LOVE the crossbody!


Tory Burch Mini Robinson (similar)/ Gray Ankle Boots (similar)

Crystal Long Necklace (similar)

Jcrew Gray CoatUniqlo Denim Leggings / Jcrew Painter Shirt


Big J got me this Apple Watch for Christmas-of course I gave him a little hint, hint :) But it is really cool and helps me keep on track with exercise (stand up, exercise, and calories burned). And I am OBSESSED with digital watches as I need to see the time when I wake up in the middle of the night. I look at it like every hour for the date. I know-ridiculous!


Jcrew Waffle Shirt/ Apple Watch/ Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody

Chilly day casual outfit


Jcrew Factory Black and White Scarf (similar) love this one too

Jcrew Sweater Panel Sweatshirt (old)

Paige Denim Jeans/ Gray Ankle Boots (similar)

Have you noticed I wear my gray boots in every pic? Hmm, I may to switch it up as I certainly have other shoes! What is your favorite shoe right now?


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