Style with a Budget-January

January Purchases


1. Jcrew/ Painter T’s  2. Jcrew/ Striped Waffle  3. Jcrew/Perfect Fit Tank

4. Jcrew/ Sparkly Skirt  5. Ray-Ban Tortoise Sunglass (similar)

6. Jcrew/Bandeau One Piece Bathing Suits

7. Jcrew Factory/Black and White Heels 8. Jcrew Factory/ Sawyer Sweater Pink

Here we are at the end of the month. I have totally blown through my January clothing budget and then some. We booked a family cruise to the Caribbean for spring break with the kids T (5) and LJ (3). I am super excited about some sunshine and the ocean breeze. Give me some fresh mozzarella, smoked salmon, and freshly baked bread and I am a happy camper!

My bathing suits needed a rehaul and I purchased this one (in red) on a whim as it was final sale when I saw it on another blogger. Perfect combination of bright colors, “tummage” covering up, and strapless which means no tan lines! Yes! The first one fit perfectly so I ended pulling the trigger on the blue AND green one!

I am in LOVE with J.Crew Painter T’s as they fit perfectly and classic so I added more colors to my collection.  I had been eyeing the skirt for awhile and thought it would be fun to wear to dressy dinner nights with a navy top and simple necklace.

Finally, I have been looking to replace my cheap sunglasses with a nicer pair. I hear Ray-Ban’s are sturdy but with the higher price tag, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the investment. Along came The Real, Real with a $25 credit if you sign up. I found some lightly used ones for $50 minus 20% promo they were running and wow only $31 including shipping. Sold as they retail for $150+!

So you are wondering how I am able to get all of these items and not feel a twinge of guilt? I have a BUDGET!! Woohoo!

Household Budget

I know Dave Ramsey says BUDGET! I hear ya!! In 2012, I started to use to establish and track a budget for the household. Once all of the bills, groceries, kids activities were established, I came up with a budget for clothing. GENIUS I must say! I tracked all of the past purchases “on sale” and came up with the total I spent for the year. Take total (mine is $2,400 per year) and divide by 12 to come up with a monthly target budget (mine is $200 per month).

January Budget

January Purchases

Yes, I spent a little over as I also bought (4) sports bras, (2) daily bras, as well as the items above.  I could return some things to balance it off (not sure if I will) or I could spend less next month. The goal is to keep in the budget for the year.


Annual budget

2015 Clothing Budget

 I spent $2,456.12,  BUT I bought in late December some nice Madewall Heels ($97) and they sent it to the wrong address. I called them as soon as I caught the error but it was too late. Madewell customer service was super nice about it and reordered to the right address and told me to call in when the 1st order cleared to get a refund. I hadn’t done that yet hoping the 1st pair will arrive and I can return them. Right now, I am paying for 2 pairs of heels -and the first ones still haven’t made it to the house yet. Note, called Madewell and they refunded no questions asked. Just asked me to return the heels if they happened to come. Hooray! 1/31/16 When I return the duplicate heels, I’ll be at $2359.16 for the year! Or $196.60 for the month!! Wowsa! I did it! (That even includes a vintage Louis Vuitton Alma that I’ll talk about later)

So that is my magic formula to buying nicer things and having a style with a budget. If you spend more one month, it’s OK as next month you buy LESS. This keeps me in check as I only keep things I LOVE, perfect for me, or fit my lifestyle. If I am hesitate about fit, quality, I have difficulty styling it, or it’s just OK, return bin you go my dear! No wasted closet space or money!

Some say that 5% of your take home pay should be allotted towards clothing. My budget is less than my % take home pay but it feel it is adequate and covers all clothing, accessories, makeup, shoes, undergarments, and handbags (my weakness and power hitter)!

How’d you do this month?

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8 thoughts on “Style with a Budget-January

  1. I’m $0.40 over budget personally, so I’m calling that good enough for the month ;) That sucks that your shoes were shipped to the wrong house :( I had something similar happen when the delivery guy dropped it off at the wrong house and then a neighbour brought it down to me. I was so glad they were honest!


    • Cassie, thanks so much for you post! Just started this blog and you are my first comment! So excited! That’s so nice of your neighbor to bring your package over. We recently moved and it was being sent to my old address. USPS “forwarded” to my old address but it’s been 24 days so I am willing to bet the heels are in mail limbo. Thanks for the reminder as I’ll contact Madewell today!


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