What Style?



The journey to finding my style started two years ago when I realized that I was just getting dressed and putting on clothes that was comfortable and cute. I browsed the shops and things attracted my eye whether a bright pink cardigan or practical khakis (which I thought every lady was supposed to have in her closet as a staple item) . I hate khakis! I didn’t have a wardrobe because it was just a bunch of clothes that was “cute” and “on sale”.

Every morning it was the same old “I have nothing to wear!” Sleeveless cotton shells and white cardigans didn’t pair well with pinstripe dress slacks and black mules. I tried to buy dresses that were fast fashion but they ended up not being me. Two babies later, I was even a more of a mess with style especially with the weight gains and losses. Ugh!

Coming from a design background, I was good at home decorating, sewing and things crafty. But fashion was not on my radar. When I got laid off in the dreaded recession in 2013, my wardrobe changed from business casual to just casual. I started an at home consulting business and  I googled “fashion” and found all of these bloggers that showed me how to style and dress for casual yet put together looks. Real people.  Bingo!

Style copy

  1. Uniqlo /Denim Leggings 2. Jcrew /Striped Waffle T  3. Jcrew/ Crystal Burst Earrings 4. Tory Burch/ Red Satchel 5. Jcrew/ Colette Suede D’Orsay Heels


I always liked classic styling with cotton t’s, denim, and simple clean looks. It felt like me. But to elevate that style from college casual to chic classic, took more. Shoes and handbags,  jewelry, and accessories raised the bar! Now, a light went off in my head like I can do this!!

I cleaned out my closet of 15+ years old shoes, baggy clothes that fit when I was 37 lbs overweight as I came home with my 1st child, and everything else (polyester cling dresses, skirts that were too short, cheap ill fitting shirts, button ups that have shranken, and those dreaded khaki pants I never wore). I looked over the leftovers and noticed what I truly liked to wear:

-100% Cotton shirts and tops

-nice fitting skinny jeans/jeggings

-neutral colors as a foundation basis, especially navy

-pops of nice color (not washed out looks)

-real leather and suede shoes


-quality coats

-dresses that fit my body type (apple) such as shifts and sheaths

I began to realize that:

  1. Higher quality items lasted longer and became classics and staples in my closet.
  2. I noticed brands that stood the test of time. I have a 15 year old shirt that is still in style today and looks great.
  3.  I was no longer going to browse at the stores for whatever struck my fancy and buy it because it is “on sale”, but target nicer quality items that filled the void in my wardrobe.

But, how was one to do that on a budget? Check out my next post on Styles on a Budget!





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